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Week Four and Five Blog: The Spring One Room Challenge®

Mini Seeds Design Studio: Construction Begins

This week our team sprung into action by breaking ground on the construction phase of this unique and beautiful little girl's room. If you recall from the week three project update, our social media followers and email subscribers voted for the room layout they liked the best to deliver a private space that still provided natural light throughout the entire floor. The room layout that won was Option 3 with sliding barn doors.

Mini Seeds Ottawa 3D Interior Design Renderings

With the layout decided and the stunning 3-D images approved by the family, the Mini Seeds team could engage the contractors to begin construction. However, before our team starts renovating your home, we go through several essential phases to ensure a well-planned space that meets your needs and delivers on your goals:

  1. Consultation: We will meet with you to discuss timelines, budgets, and goals.

  2. Takeoffs: During this phase, we will gather information regarding building code, zoning, and space measurements.

  3. Conceptual Design: Rough sketches and renderings will be used to gain client feedback, and many iterations can be made until we have a winning idea.

  4. Design Development: Once the conceptual design is approved, the Mini Seeds team can begin to create more detailed drawings and plans with approved materials, finishes, fixtures, and furniture.

  5. Construction Drawings: Before construction can commence, blueprint drawings made specifically for contractors will include all specifications needed for ordering materials and permitting.

Be sure to follow this project's progress here on our website, and check out the other challengers on the ORC Blog Page!

A New and Updated Kids Room Glow-up from Mini Seeds Ottawa

We thank everyone for following along during the Spring One Room Challenge®; It's hard to believe this project is over halfway to completion! The next step for our construction experts is to build in the closet and shelving. At the same time, the Mini Seeds design team will ensure all design features, such as the day bed, light fixtures, and other important decorative detailing, are ordered and ready to go. Stay tuned for another exciting progress update!

If you require functional, professional, and aesthetically stunning interior design services, then Mini Seeds Ottawa is, without a doubt, the Interior Design Studio for you. With many beautiful and successful residential and commercial projects completed, the Mini Seeds team takes pride in providing their clients with various DIY and full-service interior design services in Ottawa, Ontario. Be sure to follow along our final weeks of this 8-week room makeover during The Spring One Room Challenge® by joining the email list at

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