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Week Three Blog: The Spring One Room Challenge®

Thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite room layout for this soft and sweet little girl’s room. With the layout decided, we could move forward with planning and create some 3D images of the space for the family view.

The design development phase of interior design is when your ideas and inspirations truly come to life and begin to take shape. Detailed floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings are all part of the package. Follow along here on our website, and check out the other challengers on the ORC Blog Page!

Mini Seeds and The Spring One Room Challenge®: The Room Plan

You may recall from last week that we asked our social media followers and email subscribers to choose between the three layout options below:

We thank everyone who took the time to check out each plan and provide their feedback. The winner is Option 3! Gorgeous sliding barn doors will provide the ultimate blend of privacy when closed and access to natural light when open. This space plan will deliver on our goals of access to natural light while turning the area into a private retreat that any 8-year-old would love.

Interior Design Comes to Life with 3D Renderings from Mini Seeds

When we see our clients really become excited about their projects is when we create their 3D colour renderings. Finishes, fixtures, furniture, and accessories all come together to deliver a visual representation of the space, allowing them to grasp the look and feel of a room. Our team couldn’t be more pleased with how these renderings have turned out.

A Vibrant and Whimsical Kids Bedroom Design from Mini Seeds Ottawa

At Mini Seeds, we take pride in providing our clients with a thorough, personalized, and, most importantly, fun interior design process. We offer design packages for all budgets, a comprehensive approach, and a knowledgeable team, resulting in a design plan to deliver your project success!

Mini Seeds Ottawa is an Interior Design company that offers everything from DIY guidance to a full-service interior design experience. With owner Nevine at the helm, she leverages her almost two decades of design and architecture experience to create a space you will love. Keep tabs on this exciting 8-week room makeover during The Spring One Room Challenge® by joining the email list at

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