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Kids Room Design Design: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 25

More and more people are approaching us about our interior design services for children’s spaces. Bedrooms, recreation rooms, and bonus rooms are all blank canvases waiting to be adorned with all your ideas. Whether your child is six months, six years, or 16, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about designing a great space for your child.

How do you design a room for kids?

Like any room in the house, the goal for a great kids' room is to ensure the space is both functional and enjoyable for those who will spend the most time in it. While it sounds simple, like any interior design project, some planning will ensure the end result is jaw-dropping. Some tips to help with this are:

  • Choose unique and playful room decor- a kid’s room should be fun!

  • Select age-appropriate furniture and accents.

  • Think about fun and functional storage solutions for toys, shoes, or sports equipment.

  • Create an area that caters to their interests: an art corner, science station, or gaming centre.

  • Consider what would like to encourage your kid to do in the new designed space.

How can I style a small kid’s room?

Creating a small room design for a child can easily be done keeping in mind some essential tips:

  1. Go up, up, up! Use vertical space to incorporate wall-mounted storage solutions, shelves, and bookcases.

  2. Choose dynamic pieces. All small spaces can benefit from furniture with more than one usage, and a child’s bedroom or rec room is no different. An ottoman is a great place to store toys or extra blankets and bedding. A Murphy or sofa bed provides an excellent place for guests to sleep or as a multi-functional, tucked-away full-time bed. A loft bed uses space well by making room for a desk or dresser underneath the sleeping area.

  3. Create an open space. Utilize light, neutral colour palettes, and mirrors to create the sense of a large and wide-open room.

  4. Choose legs. This little-known design tip can quickly revitalize a small space: choose furniture with legs instead of pieces that sit flat on the floor to give the appearance of more floor space. So simple and effective!

How can I design my kid’s room to be more modern?

If your home is contemporary or your kids are getting older, you may need a modern kid's room design. Here are four must-have elements to transform your kid's space into a stylish oasis:

  1. Incorporate minimalist furniture, clean lines, and an uncluttered look to deliver a chic kid's room style.

  2. Use a neutral design palate with bold contrasting accents.

  3. Utilize natural woods, stone, or metal for furniture and decor.

  4. Choose 1-2 geometric shapes for mirrors, light fixtures, or wall art.

How can I make my kid's room special?

This can vary significantly from child to child we design their spaces based on their interests, what inspires them, and their favourite leisure activities. Reflect on something that lights your kiddo up, and let us add those elements into their space.

One of our favourite reasons we love designing spaces for children in Ottawa is because there is often one amazingly memorable detail that our tiny clients absolutely LOVE!

Recently, we created a cozy interior design for a child’s bedroom that blended her love for art and the colours of a sunset. These two elements became the focal points of our unique design concept, including soft fluffy cloud lighting and tufted cozy furniture.

How do you make a kid's room feel cozy?

So many fantastic elements can blend together to create the perfect warm, welcoming, and relaxing kid’s room. Choosing a few that suit the space’s furniture and decor will result in the perfect cozy space:

  • Plush rugs

  • Throw pillows and blankets

  • Using soft lightbulbs in fixtures

  • Dimmer switches

  • Choosing natural elements such as wood and stone

  • Oversized chairs and couches

  • Adding layers of fabric in wall hangings and window dressings

  • Introduce low-maintenance indoor plants into the space

  • Create a cozy reading nook, meditation cushion, or yoga corner

What does an interior designer for kids do?

Much like when working with adults, an interior designer for kids will help clients (and their parents!) turn their vision into a realistic plan that delivers on the goals for the space. Whether a rec room, bedroom, or daycare facility, this process always starts with a consultation to determine your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

At Mini Seeds, we love helping our clients in Ottawa fulfill their ideas for the perfect kid’s room. From DIY packages to full-service interior design, our experienced team has the know-how to create a space that everyone in your family will love! Contact us today to tell us all about your perfect kid’s room.

If you require functional, professional, and aesthetically stunning interior design services, then Mini Seeds Ottawa is, without a doubt, the Interior Design Studio for you. With many beautiful and successful residential and commercial projects completed, the Mini Seeds team takes pride in providing their clients with various DIY and full-service interior design services in Ottawa, Ontario. Be sure to follow along our final weeks of this 8-week room makeover during The Spring One Room Challenge® by joining the email list at 

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