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Let your space tell the story of your brand 

Interior services for the new businesses

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Home offices

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Mini Seeds is the Ottawa online decorating and styling team for small businesses.
Creating spaces that promotes productivity, creativity cooperation and fun.
Your business spaces should attract rising talents and promotes your business to clients.
From planning to finished spaces let Mini Seeds do it for you. 

Why hire Mini Seeds?

Flexible services for every budget level

Our flexible design services ensure that we can work with every budget level and that our clients can choose how deeply involved they want our team to be in their coming project.

We offer Turn-Key full interior services, as well as DIY friendly packages and online services.

It's you who decide how involved we are, from just guiding to full service

Fun team with a strong proven process 

The creative, thorough,

 fun-loving team is always up to date to everything interior & style.

With what's each bringing to the table we're thriving to offer Mini Seeds' clients an excellent customer service and exceptional quality results.

With our process and system, and by working with an excellent professional team we ensure our clients' satisfaction and the project's success.

It's all about

you and your project

We transfer all our experience to fit you, your style and your goal.

Our team working behind Mini Seeds are both business-oriented moms with young kids, that means we get you, we get your struggles and dreams.

 Nothing's better than knowing we helped our clients by saving them time and money while creating the best interior that's practical to their stage of life.

or achieve the best workplace interior for their business. 




We'll walk you through a design plan that lays out the budget and the timeline to ensure the project's success.

 3D planning so you can see how your space will look like

Fall in LOVE  with your new space while it's still on paper

Instead of guessing you'll know when something looks right in your space, and you'll buy with confidence.

What our happy clients say

OMG! It is just perfect

— V.G, Ottawa  Ontario

I always did interior design projects for my houses but I had never had a 3D project. It makes a huge difference

Let's get Started

Schedule a call or an onsite visit, use our online form Fill in this online form to get started 

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