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Home stuck in the past? Rekindle your love for your home.

Updated: Apr 26

Blog post April 26 , 2024 ( The rewritten copy )

Over time, our homes can start to feel outdated and in need of a change, whether due to a color scheme we no longer love or a space that seems tired and uninspiring. It can be challenging to pinpoint the exact issue – it could be one design choice or a mix of several causing the space to feel off. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be a good idea to take a step back and evaluate your home to figure out what is giving it an outdated feel in 2024. By pinpointing the key issues, you can concentrate on crafting a timeless home design.

Pinpointing what is making your home feel stuck in the past can be as tricky.

We've gathered 7 tips to decode what's causing the cracks in your relationship with the home you once fell in love with.

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1-Trend Following:

Good design transcends trends – they come and go. The most remarkable rooms reflect the personalities of their inhabitants. Interior design narrates our identities. Craft a home that mirrors your life. Maintain a timeless interior design theme infused with genuine soul and character by choosing durable, high-quality furniture that may have a higher price tag but are built to endure and complement various interchangeable small decor pieces.

2-Absence of colour and pattern

2024 is all about adding character and individuality into interiors, so if your walls are sitting bare other than a cold shade painted on them, it's time to re-evaluate.

'Overuse of tan, white, and gray are making spaces feel bland, uninspired and ordinary,

So how do you inject a sense of character into your home? It's all about adding interesting textures to add dimension to your space. 'While one might think that certain design elements like dark woods, decorative moldings and bold, busy texture and pattering might be what makes a home look outdated, that is simply no longer the case.

Homeowners are finally embracing the need for color, unique design and aspects of tradition and culture woven into their home’s personality,' they add.

'For bold and unique interior design to flourish in 2024, the key is to embrace unique artfulness, innovation, personal expression, and sustainability when possible.

Move away from the safety of just decorating with neutral colors and embrace bold and vibrant color schemes. Have fun with color in statement furniture pieces, through vibrant art pieces to inject personality into the space, mix and match different textures and finishes and consider a marble kitchen countertop that doesn’t look like everyone else’s home from the past 5 years.’

Canadians should incorporate more colors into their interiors, as nature provides a predominantly monochromatic backdrop for most of the year. Adding color to your indoor spaces can counterbalance the natural monochromatic tones that surround us, especially during the winter months and epcially if your interior is in the cold Ottawa area.

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3-Matching Furniture Finishes and Style

Matching your sofa, coffee tables, accent chairs and bookcases. If everything in a room is all made from the same material in matching colors, it can leave your space feeling flat and in need of a refresh.

This approach always feels outdated. Instead, go for a more eclectic, cohesive look that is contemporary and also timeless.

Allow for personal expression and the ability to refresh your space without needing a complete full renovation in the future.

Introducing a blend of statement pieces, instead of sticking to all matching finishes and materials, can greatly elevate the attractiveness of a space. This approach brings depth, and a touch of uniqueness to the area.

4-ACCENT WALLS in every room

Might be making your home feel stuck in the past. Accent wall colours were once so trendy , but it feels too overdone now.

To add character in an on-trend way, commit to feature statement elements without over doing it in each space.

Wallpaper can be used in a number of ways, All room wallpaper or a different route with a wallpapered ceiling and exposed cabinets interiors.

Wood paneling is also a great option as there are so many different styles to choose from depending on your style.

We can also see detailed moldings and paneling are gaining traction, arches and entry details are options of many other to create an interior style statement.

5-Overdone CARPET? Time to break up with wall-to-wall carpet and swipe right on hardwood floors for that timeless charm! Let your rooms breathe with stylish hardwood and sleek tiles, giving your space a fresh makeover and a low-maintenance upgrade, introducing area rugs for softness, pattern, textures and colours.  Easy to clean and even easier to switch up when your style mood swings!


Big, bulky curtains can date your home.

They block natural daylight, leading do a dark and uninviting space.

Dark vibes alert with heavy drapes! Let the sunshine in for a fresh, energetic vibes

Also, heavy window hangings scream old school, and can cause a clash if your interior design style is modern.

Our tip? Go sheer for a touch of curtain charm, or sleek blinds for that minimalist chic.

7-The wrong kind of lighting

Lighting can be a game-changer in your home decor! Forget the dull vibes - let's shed some light on how lighting can jazz up your space. Whether you're going for a cozy nook or a vibrant atmosphere, the right light bulbs can set the mood. Say no to dated yellow hues and opt for warm whites that cominucates comfort and style! Oh, and those fixtures? They're more than just accessories; they're the cherry on top, just like the right piece of jewelry on the perfect outfit that ties your whole room together. Light up your life with some serious style!

Mini Seeds Design Studio: Your Expert Interior Decorator

Crafting a top-notch interior isn't just about luck. Teaming up with a skilled designer is the secret ingredient to crafting a space that ticks all your boxes:

  • Smart furniture layout

  • Timeless trends tailored to your vibe

  • Lighting that sets the mood just right

  • Flawless style.

If you are exploring ideas for a remodel or are creating your ideal design for a new project, contact Mini Seeds for a consultation today by filling out a contact form or calling (613) 700-0642.


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