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Furniture Placement

Why Furniture Placement is Important for Home Staging

How you set up your home can have a big impact on how quickly it sells and the final price. You might not think of it, but an interior designer can help you with furniture placement so that your home can be more appealing to potential buyers. Here are three reasons you might consider professional home staging.


You want the rooms to have a good flow so people can easily move around when they tour. This includes moving from one room to another, as well as the set up of each room on its own. A chair in the corner might make sense to how you use it, but if it blocks the path to the kitchen, you might want to reconsider.


You want the room to be set up similar to how a potential buyer will use it. You may have chosen to turn the dining room into a home office, but if the new owners work outside the home or like to have dinner parties, they'll want to see how that room looks when used for its intended purpose.


Furniture placement is also another opportunity to show potential buyers how a space could be styled. You never know how someone intends to use a given space, but you can use home staging to spark their imagination and get them excited about the possibilities of a certain room in your home.

Contact Mini Seeds Today!

When you're looking to improve the furniture placement in your home for sale, please contact Mini Seeds. They are interior designers in Ottawa that can visit your home and provide recommendations for how to place the furniture that will help you sell your home quicker and more profitably.

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