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Week Two Blog: The Spring One Room Challenge®

After the conceptual discussions, it’s time to decide on the optimal layout for functionality, flow, and best use of space. Additionally, our team uses mood boards to communicate the design inspiration effectively to other team members and professionals, to refine and finalize the visual direction of the project, and to compare the different visual elements we are choosing. Finally, multiple 2-D layout plans allow the clients to see all the options for arranging furniture and fixtures before we diver deeper into finalizing the design.

With that said, let's channel our inner eight-year-old and elaborate on our room design! Follow along here on our website, and check out the other challengers on the ORC Blog Page!

Mini Seeds and The Spring One Room Challenge®: Mood Board and Layouts

As every week passes, we are getting more and more excited to dive deeper into this beautiful kid’s room! After working closely with the parents and, most importantly, the future occupant of this new space, we have created a mood board as the starting point for inspiration and aesthetics:

  • Light and fluffy accessories

  • Rainbow colours

  • Tufted furniture

  • Soft white string lighting

  • Kid-friendly shapes: hearts, clouds, dollhouse structure

  • Sliding barn doors

Next, our team has come up with three possible layouts that will best deliver on the goals of creating a private retreat without blocking the busy hallway and allowing the natural light to flow through.

Option 1: Close out all areas and have bigger interior space for better flow. The downside to this option is it blocks the natural light and makes the hallway smaller, with little to no shared space except for the corridor.

Option 2: Similar to option 1, but the most significant difference is that option 2 includes a day bed to create a more open space than a traditional bed.

Option 3: In option 3, large sliding barn doors allow for light to spill out into the hallway when they are open. A downside to this option is less room and smaller furniture options.

Which option will be the winner? Head over to our Instagram page (@mini_seeds_studio) to vote on which version you like best. We will publish the winner on week three of The Spring One Room Challenge®.

Playful and Elevated Kids Interior Design from Mini Seeds Ottawa

Through our careful and cohesive interior design planning process, Mini Seeds Design Studio always aims to please. When creating a harmonious and inviting space, we consider functionality, your personal tastes, creativity, and innovation. With client satisfaction, budget, and timelines leading the forefront, we create beautiful spaces that check off all the boxes!

Mini Seeds is an Ottawa-based Interior Design company. With a passion for both residential and commercial kid's design, you can feel good engaging our team for your next family-friendly space. Keep tabs on this exciting 8-week room makeover during The Spring One Room Challenge® by joining the email list at

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