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A Unique Kid's Room: The Spring One Room Challenge®

Our goal for The Spring One Room Challenge® is to create a beautiful, art-inspired, open-air bedroom for an eight-year-old girl. The challenge with the space will be to ensure it feels like a separate bedroom but simultaneously does not block the busy hallway or gorgeous natural light spilling into the area.

Over the next eight weeks, Mini Seeds Interior Studio will create a gorgeous, light, and airy bedroom that checks off everything on our list and, most importantly hers. Follow along here on our website, and check out the other challengers on the ORC Blog Page!

Mini Seeds and The Spring One Room Challenge®: The Plan

First, we work with our client to gain focus and determine what is considered a success for this room makeover.

Through a design consultation with the family, here is what we found:

Design Inspiration: She loves all things art and sunset colours, which led us to this inspirational image as a jump-off point.

Functionality: The parents know how important it is for her to have her own space and ensure that this busy connecting hallway is not congested or blocked off for the rest of the family.

Prioritize Light: This area has a large window that provides natural light for the entire floor. Our goal for the room is to provide some privacy while ensuring the light reaches the other parts of the hallway and adjacent rooms.

Three Goals to Deliver Beautiful Kid's Room Decor

During The Spring One Room Challenge®, we encourage you to follow along as we move this project from idea to reality through our programming, and schematic design, right through to putting the final touches on this sweet and welcoming space for a growing young lady.

Nevine Halim is the interior designer and owner behind all of the beautiful projects from the Mini Seeds team. Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, they provide several tailored services for kids & family rooms, residential and commercial interior design. Follow along as they showcase their talents in The Spring One Room Challenge® by joining the email list at

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