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9 colour combos perfect for nurseries

Whether it’s a calm baby room or a playroom, we love to surround babies with different colours and shades, mix in different intensities to create interest and curiosity.

I’m offering you, 9 different colour groups, you can use to decorate the space your kiddo will be spending his/her time within.

but first some baby room wisdom I'd like to shed the lights on:

Don’t just go with the flow:

It’s not all about what’s trendy, keep in mind her personality, favourite colours and what you want her to do in the room. If you’re baby is too young to determine , start with the neutrals and add your colours as she grows in accessories and decorations.

Play and have fun:

Adding elements different textures with the colours you’re using is critical if you want a lively interesting space.

Drag to right and left to check them out

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