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5 Design Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Building a new home or renovating an existing space can be an exciting time with unlimited possibilities! Whether you are a meticulous planner with inspiration boards for every room or you find the entire thing overwhelming, there are some excellent design guidelines to follow that will ensure your project’s success. Whether you are working with a freelance designer or tackling a space on your own, here are five must-know tips to ensure you are happy with the end result!

5 Guidelines to Ensure you Love Your New Space

Buying the wrong sized furniture. Furniture is not one size fits all. In fact, when choosing furniture for a room, it’s essential to consider size first before looking at materials, styles, and shapes. Selecting the wrong scale will negatively affect how the room looks, feels, and flows.

Choosing colours that don’t work. Too many colour combinations can make your head spin, but not enough makes a space feel cold and flat. In addition to your colour palate, other important considerations include where natural light falls in a room, and the type of paint finish you pick. When it comes to colour choices, trust your gut and the guidance of an experienced designer!

Forgetting the importance of lighting. Your space is affected dramatically by both natural and artificial light sources. From conception right through to completion, it’s vital to consider all aspects of your room lighting, such as the placement and style of:

  • Windows

  • Window coverings

  • Skylights

  • Light fixtures

  • Recessed lighting

  • Decorative lamps

Going ‘too trendy’. It’s tempting to grab all your favourite ideas from Pinterest and throw them into one space, but more often than not, this can end up looking like a major faux pas! Usually, these design trends don’t last for very long, leaving you with a very dated space in a shorter amount of time. A good rule of thumb is choosing one trend you love and working it in with more timeless options.

Working with the wrong team. Just like furniture, choosing an interior designer is not a one size fits all experience. Finding a team that understands your vision and personal taste is crucial. When you do, you can trust that the resulting design will be a blend of your style and their expertise. Also, ensure your designer has a transparent design process, so you know exactly what you’re getting at every project phase.

Mini Seeds Interior Studio: Ottawa’s Experienced Design Team

Unexpected delays and mistakes are expensive and inconvenient. Working with an experienced interior designer who understands your home or business goals is the best way to avoid costly, headache-inducing design disasters.

Mini Seeds has provided Ottawa residents with stunning designs for all areas of their homes and offices for many years. Specializing in child-friendly spaces, let our team show you how fun, simple, and affordable stunning interior design can be. Contact us today for a discovery call or to book an onsite consultation. You can reach us by filling out a contact form or calling (613) 700-0642.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to use an Interior Designer?

Choosing whether or not to work with a designer is based on your personal preference, but most will agree that the expertise and guidance of an experienced designer help your project have the best outcome with less stress!

A top-rated freelance designer in Ottawa can provide you with the following:

  1. Flexible options for engagement. Consultations to full-service design.

  2. A streamlined planning process. Renovate with confidence through great planning.

  3. Clear outcomes and deliverables. Ensure you know what you’re getting from start to finish.

  4. Expert guidance and a fresh perspective. You may have a good idea of what you want, but nothing beats years of experience and a trained eye.

How do I find the best Interior Designer near me?

When searching for the best designer in Ottawa, you will want to look for the following:

  1. Do they have Google reviews? What are their past client’s saying?

  2. Have they shared some of their projects on social media and their website?

  3. Does their style speak to you?

  4. Do they offer a discovery call to learn more about you and your project?

  5. Have they outlined their offerings and process from start to finish?

  6. What makes them an expert in their area?

  7. How will they help move your project forward with ease?

What do Interior Designers do?

First and foremost, an interior designer is a professional who is registered with a governing body in Ontario. It’s important to ensure that you are working with someone who meets all the qualifying criteria to ensure you are getting a professional working on your design.

In addition to being fully qualified, an interior designer does the following:

  • Consults with you to determine budgets and timelines.

  • Ensures your new space meets all requirements for functionality and style, as well as your preferences and needs.

  • Work with colours, textures, and materials to deliver a desirable outcome.

  • Plans the layout of an area and placement of furniture.

  • Ensures that your plans meet building and safety codes.

  • Collaborates with architects, engineers, and contractors as required to move your project from conception to completion.

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