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The top 8 decor secrets to a trendy home in 2019 (part2)

Fresh look for your family home doesn't have to be expensive. With little touches and tweeks,you can keep your space uptodate &trendy.

We always encourage personalised touches to make your house cozy and warm and most importantly YOURS.

Check our 2019 interior trends list (part 2/2)and pick your favs and start your home transformation today.

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5-Copper and Brass accessories:

After 2018 rose gold trend, we will see a lot of warmer brass and copper accessories in our homes for 2019.

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6-Mellinial pink:

This trendy hue was a big hit in 2018, YES! be prepared to see a lot more of these beautiful colours in many different creative ways for 2019.

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7-Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns in 2019 will be bolder in colour and larger in scale for a dramatic statement in our homes.

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8-70's style

70's chic decor style is all warm palettes, funky textures, and abstract silhouettes. with welcoming back in our homes all the trends and styles from the '70s, our homes in 2019 will have a 70's feeling with subtle modern touches.

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If you haven't checked part1 click the link Top 2019 Interior Design Trends (part 1)

We make it our mission to help transform Ottawa's family homes one at a time. Let's bring beauty into our lives.

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