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I designed my basement a while ago (Well actually, a very long time ago :)

you can find the full design here..


For the past few months, I was busy designing and creating new rooms for Mini Seeds lovely clients, as a result, my home was neglected and a lot of ongoing projects in my house was postponed.

As I have a little time now I managed to finish some of the corners around my home and especially the spaces where my kids usually hang out in are my priority.

I finally managed to finish the inspirational wall gallery I wanted to create in our basement.

I will include links to all the elements and words I used at the end of this post.

In case you weren't following Mini Seeds, here's how this wall used to look like when we first moved in.

Can it be more un-inviting? Well, no!!!

To make the TV/ seating corner warmer and welcoming, I wanted to make a little focal point, creating a cozy corner where we can all curl under our throws and relax to watch a family movie and eat hot yummy popcorn together.

What's better than an inspirational words gallery to go up here? to motivate us, kids and their guests, make them feel welcomed and relaxed.

Words inspire, words can push you up or push you down, they're are inspiring and motivating.

I love everything calligraphy, that’s why every design we made for our clients so far got at least one peace with a statement motivational word.​

You'll find a list of the items to check where to get each.

Here's how my wall looks like now. I love it and the kids helped me put them together on the wall and they love it when they help momy with "art projects" around the house.

Another check on my to do list for our basement decorating.

Scroll down to find a list of links to all the inspirational words on my wall and some other ulternatives.


Click/ tape to shop this wall and make your own .

Enjoy, be inspired!