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For the love of Jeans

Imagine a room that's hip, casual chic and timeless. Perfect for a Teen age or a preteen's room. the jeans factor adds a sens of youth & has energetic vibes.

Check some of Mini Seeds favourite designs using denim material and colours.

Love how this room is dancing between hip and modern and lots of cultural character to it .

by Pottery Barn

Blue jeans , greens and natural wood is the perfect combination for a preteen's room who's ready to discover the world !

by Souri Mini

When pink is added to blue jeans , it creates a softer girly look :)

by Souris Mini

Denim is also used to add a country feeling to your cottage , summer/beach house.

by Becki Peckham

In love with Oranges browns and jeans like me ? That would be the perfect space for a teenager or a youth gathering.

by NLdesign

Black and White paired with blue jeans colour can be timeless in a baby's room , can you see him grow out of it any soon ?

by Decoanddesign

Check this DIY to create a denim look on a wall using only paint!!

by Cleandesign

A hint of denim on accessories and decor.

by Bouclair

Industrial look using denim and concrete greys and lots o metals !!!

by Bouclair

Hot pink , browns and blue jeans for this teen girl who's strong and girly !!

By Mini Seeds

More denim design elements for Jeans lovers

by National interior &Pier1

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If you want to create a family space that’s hip , beautiful and parcatical for all the family and built with kids in mind, Mini Seeds’ offering a wide range of interior consulting and full renovation services to help you complete your project .

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