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2018 Color Trends - Caliente

It's is radical, it signifies change, strength, red is dramatic, happy and smart, It's is confidence!!

What are the colour of the year for Benjamin Moore?


How's red paired with other colours in your kids rooms

Caliente AF-290 by Benjamin Moore

Enjoy .. be inspired!!






Wynne Taylor Ford

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Patricia Hoyna Interiors


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Roselind Wilson Design

Mini Seeds is the online decorating and room styling resource for families with kids.

Offering online and in person design services in the Ottawa area. Mini Seeds services helps parents create a room that’s as unique as your child, discover their best potential through well executed interior designs perfectly built and custom decorated to fit their unique gifts, interests and talents.

If you want to create a family space that’s hip , beautiful and parcatical for all the family and built with kids in mind, Mini Seeds’ offering a wide range of interior consulting and full renovation services to help you complete your project .


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