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Why hiring a designer actually is saving you money?

When we plan for our next house move, kitchen remodel , or simply giving a fresh look to your living room we often lean towards do it ourselves known as DIY.

Thinking that hiring a professional decorator is a waste of money because we’d rather spend that amount on a piece of furniture, plus who else can decorate our house other than us, right?

we tend to be guarded about exposing the privacy of our budget to a stranger who would just show up and tell us what to do with our house and we don't want to that!! I get it, but....

The end result is one of 3

1) We end up with lots of time wasted in more than one attempt to redecorate , therefore a lot of money wasted because time is simply money.

2) We settle for the first semi perfect end result because we don’t have energy or time to redo what we have accomplished.

3) Big money wasted on mistakes like an oversized sofa or even worse, the wrong shade of wall paint !!

Why am I saying that hiring a professional is saving you money?

Please check these 5 reasons why a professional is a better investment for your hard earned money.

Hiring a professional Saves Time & money

When you hire a professional, you are hiring a set of 2 eyes that have years of training to what is ascetically beautiful, how to choose the perfect size, the right proportion & shape , colours and textures. You are saving money and time wasted on shopping and finding the best quality and better price for your interior.

Your professional will be your advocate and will do the hard work while you finish your priorities and enjoy your home transformation.

Hiring a professional saves Big money on expensive mistakes:

Buying the wrong sofa size is a big mistake that can cost $$$ !! You have to deal with return policy, chalenge your provider to refund your payment and ship back.

Then you have to find another one that actually fits in your place!!

It's also same issue with small pieces and accessories like wall art, side table and shelves. You will have to make a number of trips to make sure you got it right.

If your professional can provide a real 3D design view for your new design you can see all the pieces you chose in your space , how they fit and are looking gorgeous.

Professionals have great community to help you make your dream design come true:

Finding the perfect team of trades to paint, change the flooring or installing the furniture is a full time job that you can only do if you have a long time off !!

Plus Coordinating and managing the project progress while doing your full time job is extremely hard when you want things to get done.

If your project is a no rush then DIY is a good option for you other wise hiring a professional is no stress , fast easy enjoyable experience, how much would you pay for that?

You get access to special Prices that are only available to professionals:

you have access to discounts or at least a part of the discounts designers get, so you end up paying less for the furniture & accessories you are buying for your home , but you get it full price if you aren't hiring a designer.

In the future when you’re starting a new decorating/ re-designing project will you consider hiring a professional to guide you in the design process and plan your implementation? let us know your opinion in the comment below.

In my opinion you end up saving money and you get a way better outcome.

Nevine is the founder of Mini Seeds, an online interior decor resource for the families with kids , specializing in children interiors of all ages, creating unique room decor that suites each kid's unique personality .

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