• Mini Seeds

Our Basement Transformation

When I wanted to transform my basement to a space for my kids to play, imagine and create.. Mini Seeds created corners to discover their talents and strengths, to discover what they did not know about themselves!!

I am taking you through all the different phases and the design process we took for this basement all the way to the final look and after pictures.

This where I started , this how my basement first looked like. Brand new home with white blank walls, white blank large canvas to create aplay sapce/ family room.

The Design

With lots of play room ideas I had to pick what only suits my family life style and kids talents and strenghts.

An arts and crafts corner, a gymnastic corner , and music & performance corner were on the design plan. Here's where my kids are going to create and express them selves.

The 3D full view

adding colours, texture and lighting

Stunning, full of activities corners to fit my kids talents and personalities.

colours that are both happy and calming.

This space will be inspiring and fits for family time as well . It doesn't look like you walked in a day care yet it's not so serious and neutral!

In love with all the details and different corners, and can't wait to start the implementation.

Tv and video games

We love the hanging hammock for relaxing Tv watching or reading.

Arts and crafts & musical creations corner

Mini Theatre for more creativity and imaginative play .

A climbing wall , trampoline for the active kids .

The job

This Mini theatre and the arts a& crafts corner are under final touches and already looking GOOD.

A theatre in your play space will push your kids to imagine , create and collaborate to create arts together.

See Picture in full colours real soon !!

Dress up corner + bonus little theatre to encourage imagination and creative play.

Theatre corner is always the first corner kids run to when visiting my basement for a play date, and regardless to their age they get to be silly and have fun with the costumes, masks and accessories stored.

By the end of the visit we, the adults are always always forced to watch a new funny cute never ending act 😂