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Home Trends! What To Expect This Year?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

A new year begins, and with it, new trends in the interior design world.

If investing in your home is on your "To Do List" for 2021

Here are some brilliant ideas and interior trends to consider when you start planning for your next home project.

1. Zen décor

Zen décor brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort, and many of us are seeking more of both in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is only natural that we look to use such Zen features as lots of natural light, wide-open spaces with a minimalist theme, and everything in its place with clean surfaces and clean lines.

Trendy accent colours such as purple, blue, or yellow can provide interesting accents to a Zen décor.


2.Statement pieces

A sense of authenticity was highly sought-after in 2020, and that trend is expected to continue into 2021. More and more people are after an interior that is a unique reflection of who they are, without the need for too many pieces.

Creating a statement piece to add depth and flair to a clear room can widen your view. A statement piece could be an antique, an unexpected piece of large-scale art, a surprising colour accent or fabric…anything goes here!

Pictures: WarmNordic - -Furniture Guild

3. Sustainable modern design

Today’s drive for sustainability has found its way well and truly into our homes, and for quite some time now. This year, more and more ways of achieving sustainable design for the home will be top of the list for many.

There are many types of furniture now that are being designed to meet the need for reducing or reusing plastic. Bioplastics materials are also finding their way into our homes, as well as reused materials. Designers are daring to create new pieces with unusual materials to herald a new age of sustainable design.

Picture credits: Followtheflow/Shutterstock-Decor Aid-

4. Textured walls

Textured walls are going to be all the rage in 2021, as texture adds – literally – a touch of class, fun and excitement to any room. Bring the sense of touch with all kinds of innovative ways: you can use wallpaper or fabric upholstery, or even a living wall.

Designs such as white marble or fabric and leather themed wallpaper are coming into their own this year to create texture without the need for extensive renovation.

Pictures credit: Lisa Romerien-Fantastic Frank- Jorge Gera

5. Greige

Greige is a fabulously exciting combination of grey and beige, and as such is a neutral colour that delivers. You can use greige in both cold and warm colour schemes.

The trick to using greige is to use it as a neutral that balances your cool and warm colour schemes. Greige brings balance and calm, both of which are highly craved by many after what 2020 has brought.

Pictures: ALVHEM- Est Living Magazine-

6.Organic materials

Vegetable-based fibers and other organic materials such as wicker and rattan have been around for a while now. In 2021, we’ll see more upgrades to natural silk fabrics, curtains made with hemp, and cork walls.

Textures will come into play here, so you’ll see lots of natural and untreated wood, as well as standards like marble and wooden floors.


7-Light woods

We’ve long been inspired by beautiful Scandinavian blonde woods or light oak for our furniture and floors. Now, though, light woods will find their way onto ceilings and walls, too.

Light wood creates a modern and restful look, and goes well with the new trend towards minimalism that people are craving in a quest for more restful spaces. A light wood also creates a welcome feeling of space, as it helps rooms appear larger. A room that feels larger and more peaceful brings with it a welcome feeling of zen. SaraLigorriaTramp

8.Natural elements

Many of us living in big cities are craving nature, and more natural elements will be brought into our homes so that we get that sense of living with and connecting to nature.

Features such as living walls or prominent plants throughout our living spaces will be more on-trend than ever in 2021.

Pictures: -Pretend Magazine


The trend for navy looks like it’s here to stay, at least for 2021. While this isn’t the easiest colour to implement into a scheme, when it’s done well it is truly stunning.

When you choose navy, don’t stop at something major like wallpaper paper. Go full out by including smaller touches, too, such as blankets or plates.

Navy says full-blown luxury. And as long as you have plenty of natural light, navy won’t shrink your rooms. On the contrary, your room will look not only large, but uniquely stylish with a sophisticated masculine charm.


Grey highlights and tones will find their way into interior spaces in 2021 to effortlessly blend technology with elegant and modern living.

The tone of grey most prevalent will be warm greys, which convey stability, balance, and compromise – given its equal distance between black and white.

11.Face line art

Face line art came into its own in the online world amongst millennials, and now it has found its way into interior design. The minimalist nature of these artfully-drawn faces is a perfect base for wallpapers, home accessories, and art accents.

12.Earthy tones

Another way we bring nature into our homes is through earthy tones, such as golden yellows, sage green, red wine, and cobalt blue. These colours will come into their own in 2021, as more of us are spending more time indoors and we crave the comfort and calm of earthy colours.

13.Abstract art

Abstract art has enjoyed years of popularity, and it isn’t set to go away any time soon. Brushstroke prints, abstract wall art with minimal lines and splashes of bright color accents will still be popular in 2021.

Textile wall art, large and vibrant canvas paintings, and anything in between are all a go.

14.Rattan and Woven décor

Rattan and woven décor have been trending for years now, but they are set to be even bigger in 2021. Both are versatile and are particularly used in seating options such as chairs, stools, benches and beds. Light fixtures are also a perfect way to bring rattan into your home.

  1. Bright colours

In a trend that is favouring grey, light wood, and other neutral tones, splashes of bright colour can add interest to the space. This year bright colours will find their way into all rooms of the house to revitalize the space without being overwhelming: choose two or three colours in your palette to achieve maximum results.

15.Plants (real, dried, or faux)

In 2021, the plant craze will be dried plants. You can create stunning arrangements with dried pampas grass, dried foliage, etc.

If you have a tropical theme in your space, try some fluffy pampas plumes, dried palm spears, or grasses. Put up some discretely themed wallpaper featuring palm fronds, and you’ve created a calm and stylish look.

And unlike fresh plants, these beauties have a lifespan in your home of up to two years!

16.Minimalist art

Black and white photos, line art, and other types of minimalist art will come into their own in 2021. More and more people are craving a calm and restful home environment, and minimalist art blends perfectly with Scandinavian -style interiors with their simple and elegant lines and muted colours.

Clutter is out, and less is in – whether it’s for our furnishings, our knickknacks, or our artwork.

If you want to bring minimalist art into your space without using artwork, try wallpaper inspired by Japanese ink murals, as this is set to be a rising trend.

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