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The 5 Secrets To Design a room the Montessori Style

Whether your child attends a Montessori program or not, there are major benefits to know about the principles of a Montessori environment.

Creating a Montessori inspired space for your child at home is the best way to encourage, creativity, independence for a mentaly healthy child. How to set up a Montessori inspired room for your child, here are 5 secrets to get you started

1-Create a flow that encourages choice:

Make sure you include areas suited to group play and other zones where a child can settle in alone.

Many Montessori classrooms have an area devoted to arts, math, nature, language, sensory, as well as peace and reflection zones.

Avoid customary flow that will limit children’s imagination and choices.

Avoid creating 1 focal centre to space; this will also limit the focus of the children’s attention.

2-Encourage a wide range of activities.

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Create well-defined spaces for each activity. Each of these areas features shelves or display tables with a variety of inviting materials from they can choose. your kids will develop more in their area of interest and you will discover what activities need more attention.

3-Make the space simple, free of clutter and orderly:

Montessori classrooms have space between materials on the shelves, put less out and simply switch things out when needed.

when you have a limited number of toys and books available, a child can more easily focus on and treat their belongings with care.

Design elements must be accessible, Use low shelves, a table and chair sized for them to maximize your child’s independence within your their space.

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4-When decorating, the more is not always the merrier

Don’t decorate the walls with brightly coloured images of cartoons and syndicated characters.

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Rather use cultural posters or framed photographs or paintings created by the kids, themselves.

Bright and attractive colours, natural materials, favour natural materials

wood over synthetic, interesting cultural objects and pictures on the wall all offer the children a variety of sensory and intellectual experiences.

Make space warm, well-organized, and inviting, with sofas, rugs, and flowers to help children and youth feel calm and at home.

Above all, put your personal touches to create an immediate and touching moment that they realize this place is for them, put a lot of their personalities, their uniqueness and charm.

5-Elements that allow independence and help develop small motor skills.

Make your space uniquely suited to the needs of your kids and their age. Preschool kids need low chairs, and tables; a reading corner with a small couch (or comfy floor cushions). Independence will push your kids to acquire more and learn, discover new adventure, not worrying about whether or not he can / she can do it all by herself.

We believe PLAY is the best and fastest way kids will learn new skills and grow both mentally and physically.

Find a space in your house, whether it's a spare room, a corner or whole basement and make it a space where your kids can grow, play and develop.

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