Room De-clutter 

You want help organizing and decluttering your office, your kid's room, or that "catch-all" room. We can help

How does it work?


We will come to your home to:

 • Discuss your organising goals.

 • Discuss what needs to stay, go or replace.

 • Make a list of specific Storage needed for your new space.

 • Discuss your main focus and what you want to achieve.

 •Take dimensions and pictures 



We will create the storage plan for 1 room

We will prepare a shopping list to create your perfect room storage for you and within your budget!.


After your shopping list approval 


• I will answer any questions that you may have 

• It's time to implement our plan for a better de-cluttered room.

you decide when we come back to start the de-cluttering and organizing plan. Or you can click and buy on your own time and at your own pace.



To start your room styling and refreshing set up a meeting