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Packages included are for regular room size

12'x12' (144 SQF) 

For room size guide 

Shop the look

Pre- made designs

Choose from 

pre-made collections hand picked and designed for you to enjoy implementing 

right away.



What you get

Mini Board

Custom Mood board

Shopping and mood board package if you know how you would like your room to look like.

You have tons of ideas and pins saved for your design and you need to find the right pieces for your desired look

 & budget.



What you get

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Mini Combo

Custom Mood board +

3D design

 A full services package for one room. The package includes a 3D view and Mini Board with a shopping list ready for you to put in your orders and enjoy your room's transformation. 



What you get

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Mini 3D

custom 3D design

With a 3D view for your finished space, you can see how your space will look like.

Instead of guessing you'll know when the design looks right in your space, and you'll buy with confidence.



What you get

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