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 I'm looking forward to meeting with you in person so I can get to know you and your business better and find ways we could help each other out.

When you connect me with your client

  • I start with a client consultation followed by a design plan full of recommendations, ideas, inspiration and solutions for their pain point problem. 

Check the example report I created for a client for their renovation

  • Each client has a private portal where we communicate throughout the different phases of the project from planning to installation.

  • Check a sample of the client portal.

  • Everything from process to payments to project timeline is explained clearly in the beginning and throughout the project.

  • Clients will receive the complete end result on paper including full 3D views for their project, to avoid miscommunication and conflict. 

  •  I can create drawing with dimensions, specs and details.

  • If needed, I help in preparing a total Investment estimate for each client before the start of a project.

  • I will provide you and the client with a shopping list with all elements needed to complete the renovation project, with sources, colours, dimensions, prices and all details for each element to make the buying process easy and simple for you or your client.

  • Design time gift certificate for your special clients, I'd be more than happy to offer your clients friendly efficient interior services that would extend the excellent service you provide them. 

Thanks! Message sent. we will be contacting you soon.


Thank you for your trust

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