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Rooms that inspire

Bringing kids back to real play!!

When it comes to our kids, the smallest reaction, the smallest word we say, the smallest action we take matters! 
The seeds we put in them today will grow and flourish with the days

 At the

end you will see the fruits of what you were growing all along. No good seeds will ever grow bad fruits and vice versa no bad seeds will grow good fruits. 

This is why Mini
Seeds started!
What we can help you do for your kids is create a healthy, beautiful environment around the home your kids live in.
We are a growing interior decorating studio 
based in Ottawa Ontario, we design and create with kids in mind. We serve families with kids in Ottawa and the surrounding area as well as work with clients online in other parts of the world 🌎 

When you create a space for kids, a space that talks 
to them, nourishes and excites them,, when the rooms they call theirs are decorated according to their personalities and their characters, they will feel important, and that they matter.

When colours are in harmony, shapes and textures are interesting, they will be more curious and opened to learning new discoveries. 

Give them 
the gift of love, the gift of care and create a place they could always call  home.

A little about  the founder

I am Nevine,

I am the creator and founder of 


I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids and a Sunday school teacher.

I believe that kids are amazing and full of treasures that we only as parents, teachers and caregivers can help them discover.



It all started when I wanted to bring back my kids to real play and fun, real personal interaction with others away from screens and non-existing worlds of video games and the internet. 

 Then I decided to create a playing space that encourages movement, imagination, old fashion dress up and house games.


 I enjoy working with parents and children to create a space for them as unique as they are.


Whether it's a calming nursery for your newborn, an inspiring space for your toddler or a creative world for your children, teenagers or tweens. Let me help you create the perfect space for them within your budget !!


Because the Mini Seeds we're planting today in our children, we will see their fruits tomorrow. 




Mathew 13:31-32

A mustard which a man took and sowed in his field. which  indeed is the least of all seeds; but when it si grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds oh the air come and nest in its branches.

Making the world a better place for Kids

one room at a Time

Mini Seeds
Every product or service you purchase you support a kid in danger.

Fan we Haya

 Is an initiative aimed at the development of children at risk in Egypt through technical workshops empowering and encouraging them to discover their skills and gain the ability to express themselves in different ways through education and arts.

We're honoured to direct a portion of Mini Seeds sales each year to support Caroline and her team.

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