Show Your True Colours

November 6, 2017


Colour can speak to the soul in thousand different ways ~ Oscar Wilde.


Colour is a non verbal way of communication that can instantly set a mood or create an emotion and push people to take a certain action.
It's crucial when you are choosing colour palette for the space Kids will be spending their time.

Choosing a colour scheme for a bed room where a child will only use it for night sleep is totally different than a colours chosen for a room where kids will be playing, reading or exercising!

What are the psychological effects for the colours of the rainbow and how they translate in kids rooms :) 


1-Red :

Rich , elegant , mature , expensive , tasty, spontaneous  and creates Drama , Power, warmth



2-Pink  :

Positive, exciting , playful, attention getting, hight energy, vibrant, stimulating



Delicious, fruity, sweet, inviting, intimate, warm


Caitlin Willson Design 


just like chocolate , delicious, rich , appetizing

Julia Johnson



Illuminiting, joyful, sunshine,stimulating, radiating,
but also : caution, negative, hazard




Green: Calm, neutral, quiet, fresh , youthful.




Water, cleansing, fresh, baby, cool ,dreamy, soft.





Vital, Juicy, Fruitful, Friendly , Optimistic, sociable, persuasive , Happy , child like.

Picture source:



Calming, cool ,heavenly, quiet , peacful, clean, patient.


Alain's blacksmith shop



Posistive, sentimental,Thoughful, protective.


 When choosing the colour for kids spaces always choose colours that they love , every kids is unique and has his own like and dislikes. Don't worry about what's trendy or available, help him be cheerful, happy and at ease in his own space by starting with the colours he feels his best around.



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