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Show Your True Colours

Colour can speak to the soul in thousand different ways ~ Oscar Wilde.

Colour is a non verbal way of communication that can instantly set a mood or create an emotion and push people to take a certain action. It's crucial when you are choosing colour palette for the space Kids will be spending their time.

Choosing a colour scheme for a bed room where a child will only use it for night sleep is totally different than a colours chosen for a room where kids will be playing, reading or exercising!

What are the psychological effects for the colours of the rainbow and how they translate in kids rooms :)

1-Red :

Rich , elegant , mature , expensive , tasty, spontaneous and creates Drama , Power, warmth

2-Pink :

Positive, exciting , playful, attention getting, hight energy, vibrant, stimulating


Delicious, fruity, sweet, inviting, intimate, warm

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