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About Mini Seeds

Based in Ottawa Ontario, Nevine and Sherry are the duo behind Mini Seeds. 

The creative, thorough, fun-loving team is always up to date to everything interior & style.

With what's each bringing to the table they're thriving to offer Mini Seeds' clients an excellent customer service and exceptional quality results.

Who do we work with?

We work with busy young families as well as business owners who want a well-done interior design but don't know where to begin to help them get the design plan figured out, help them make confident design and budget decisions. Nothing feels better than knowing we helped our clients by saving them lots of time and tones of money while creating the best interior that is fun, creative functional and practical to their lifestyle and stage of life, or creating a design plan to achieve the best workplace interior that best promotes their business. 

With our very organised process and system, and by working with an excellent professional team we will layout the goal, the vision, the budget and the timeline to ensure the project's success.

Our flexible design services ensure that we can work with every budget level and that our clients can choose how deeply involved they want our team to be in their coming project.

Our Story 

It all started when Nevine wanted to bring back here kids to real play, real personal interaction with others, back to fun away from screens and non-existing worlds of video games and the internet. 

 What's better than a play space in the basement of her house that encourages movement, imagination, old fashion dress up and house games.


Later Sherry joined the team and together they enjoyed working with parents and their children, Mini Seeds started from exclusively designing for the kids fun dynamic interiors in 2017, now our projects range from residential to home offices and small business commercial interiors. 

Our Mission

We believe interior design has a profound impact on behaviour & actions.

Colours, texture, patterns and lighting are non-verbal ways of communication that can instantly set a mood or create emotion and push people to take a certain action.
We want help transform interiors one room at a time and create creative, fun, productive interiors that support health and wellbeing. 

"If you start your day in a space that functions flawlessly and brings you joy, then there's less need for rest"

Former Editor Of House Beautiful Magazine

Ottawa Interior Design Meet Our Team


 Nevine's a multi-passionate entrepreneur, everything colour and decor lover, planner, and a mother of 2 beautiful kids.


She had developed a love for decor and business and always wanted to be part of the glamorous interior design world since high school.


Through her school of architecture years, she went from volunteering to decorate events in her local churches to planing and decorating friends weddings.


With over 15 years of architecture and design experience, In 2010 she had combined all her education, passion and experience and finally landed Interior Design and decided to go all in.

Ottawa Interior Design Meet Our Team


Sherry's a busy mom of four beautiful blessings, with love of paying attention to details.


School of Business graduate, but eventually steered her career towards her passion for interior design. 


The love of incorporating style, fashion, beauty, colours, textures and materials is her mantra. 


The experience gained through remodelling and being exposed to different tastes and cultures along the natural artistic instinct gave her the confidence to join Mini Seeds' team.

Meet The Team

Our amazing clients said 

Hire Mini Seeds

I recently hired them to design a basement layout to suit our family's needs and they did an amazing job! They paid attention to all the little details and designed a space to perfectly suit our family dynamics. Great service!

Michelle Mathiew, Ottawa, Ontario

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